Improving your litigation team's productivity. Get rid of paper and binders. Go electronic.

The Litigator's Notebook helps you and your team organize your litigation strategy. It lets litigation teams, from any worldwide location, work with critical evidence retrieved from underlying document and transcript databases.

It automatically synchronizes litigation case matters across all desktops and laptops. Everyone has access to the latest information - Evidence, Transcripts, Depositions, Pleadings, Case Correspondence, Research and Attorney Work Product.

For attorneys on the go - work anywhere in the office, on a plane, at home, in a client's office - all the latest information at your fingertips - perfect for meetings with clients and co-counsel.

The Litigator's Notebook consists of three components:
  • The Litigator's Notebook Server interfaces to the database and provides the intelligence for moving data and generating reports.
  • The Litigator's Notebook Client is operated through Lotus Notes - IBM's collaboration tool.
  • The Litigator's Notebook database is IBM's Domino database server. Its powerful engine automatically replicates copies of documents to each individual user.
There are optional connectors for different data sources. Your authorized representative will give you a detailed price quote based on your organization's needs.

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