Annual Maintenance Services
Included in your annual maintenance plan for the Products are:
  1. technical assistance via telephone, email, and remote WebEx sessions;
  2. temporary fixes and corrections;
  3. new software releases; and
  4. assistance in upgrading to new releases.
Litigator's Notebook can be easily customized to add unique information for your firm or clients. Most requests can be taken care of in a short time. If you have special needs, please ask for a Professional Services quotation.

Our technical team will assit you in installing and configuring the software. We use WebEx technology to share your desktop so our support team can answer any questions along the way.
We can train one or a hundred professionals at once. We conduct webinars, on-site training classes, remote individual sessions, and can quickly get your top people productive.
Data gathering and loading
We can staff your data gathering and collection to get all the case information loaded without delay. Our team can work on-site or remotely.
We are available for hourly, daily, or extended engagements to help you improve the productivity of your team. We can work remotely from our offices or be on-site if needed.

Our professionals make
your team better. We
deliver our best results
in tough situations
and meet your deadlines.